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Ideas 2 - Final Fantasy Character Journals OOC

About Ideas 2

Previous Entry Ideas 2 Sep. 16th, 2005 @ 08:27 pm Next Entry
Since Amarant-mun posted the ideas we talked about the other night, I might as well post my ideas (also to help answer Xechs' question).

First~ Paine finds her backpack in Liz's dorm, confronts her, and heads back to her own dorm, angry. This is when Noko tells Francesca to take control of Paine and bring her outside of Garden so he can kidnap her. A perfect plan, considering Paine is angry and she could simply want some fresh air or time to herself. So Fran does this, but-- Squall catches Paine/Fran leaving with her backpack and sword (since it would be odd if she didn't take them with her) and tries to stop her. Paine/Fran threatens to fight him if he doesn't let her leave. This is when Sabbrianith shows up. Sabby casts a sleeping spell on Paine. They both carry her back to her dorm. Before my computer crashed and I lost everything, Yuna-mun and I had agreed that Yuna could come by and talk with Paine, persuading her to talk with Gippal and Liz, mainly to say sorry about the way she acted. But I have unfortunately lost that chat between Yuna and Paine, so Yuna-mun, either we can redo the chat or just scratch that part of the idea out completely. REply here with your answer; if I don't hear from you before this idea goes into action, then I will forget this chat completely.

Second~ While Paine is sleeping after the incident in the lobby (the above idea), Liz's mother contacts her in her dreams. First, I was thinking that Paine could see what happened before Liz's mother's death and how she died. Then when Paine wakes up, (or after Yuna leaves the room if they talk) Liz's mother actually speaks to her, since Paine wouldn't know that the "dream" she had was about LIz's mother. I kinda added in the dream part, so I hope you don't mind, Mari. ^^;

Third~ This one is to help explain (kinda) about Sabby, her group, and their plans. Also, something that no one else knows. Only because I came up with it earlier. Okay, for this new idea, I was thinking that Sabby wasn't the leader of the Devil Killers. And I probably just confused you all right there. Allow me to elaborate--much like Loren, Sabby is a host, but unlike Loren, she doesn't know. Her controller is an enemy of both the good guys and Demetra. No, it's not going to be yet another OC for me to make a lj for, but one that I could play though Sabby. Please tell me that all makes sense... The controller ordered the attack on Paine and Annabel; the controller practically killed Annabel--though he/she didn't pull the trigger, he/she ordered the attack. Oh, and the chat between Sabby and Amarant? He/she's the most skilled actor ever. He/she has no worries about his/her's group members. They betray her in any way, he/she kills them. The reason why I like this idea is because it causes more trouble for both good and bad guys; while the good guys are dealing with Ultimecia and Demetra, they have to worry about Sabby's controller, and visa-versa for Ulti. and Demetra.
Any questions? Reply! More ideas to come later...

For Amarant-mun: You wanted to try an Amarant/Sabby pairing, correct? If so, then I was thinking that Amarant could (now tell me if this isn't possible) suddenly sense a strong amount of magical energy and have time to find out where it is coming from: Sabby's dorm. I don't know how he'd react. Not an Amarant expert ^^; Tell me if you like this little idea.

For Xechs (Sephiroth-mun): I don't know if you know all that Sephiroth knows about Demetra, so I thought I'd tell ya, just in case.
Sephiroth, during their first or second chat, smelled the vampire in her, and made a comment about it before he left, I think. By now, he can sense Loren, and also had helped--err...persuaded Loren/Demetra to take off the choker that bound Loren's vampire side --ya know, the neck-biting and thirst for blood. (Loren's the good guy here! Just to let you all know!) I know you won't be back until Sunday or Monday, but I might as well post this now before I forget to tell/remind you. Sorry if you already knew the above, I couldn't remember whether or not you did.

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Date:September 17th, 2005 01:55 am (UTC)
All sounds pretty good to me...especially the parts with Paine and Squall and Fran and Noko involved... I'd help you out with Doris Hawkswell (Liz's mom) for the dreams part.
Date:September 17th, 2005 01:59 am (UTC)
Date:September 25th, 2005 04:32 am (UTC)
Amarant would sense the energy and not really give a flip, methinks.
If Sabby were injured, he may come to her aid.
MAY, depending on his mood.

Kuja can point him in the right direction, Noko can tell him that connection with Amarant, and Sabby would be a good way to further THEIR plans.
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Date:September 27th, 2005 01:31 pm (UTC)
*rubs hands toggether* ooo, interesting. *smirks*
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