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Uhm. Hi. ^^" I'm new to this..and I hope I get this right.. @_@… - Final Fantasy Character Journals OOC

About Uhm. Hi. ^^" I'm new to this..and I hope I get this right.. @_@…

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Uhm. Hi. ^^" I'm new to this..and I hope I get this right.. @_@

For FF characters...
Full Name: Eiko Carol
Age: 6 (in the game)
Originally From: Final Fantasy IX
Brief Descripton or a Link to a Picture: Eiko is the last of the Summoners that once dwelt in the village of Madain Sari. She is living there alone, with a pack of moogles that she has crossed paths with at one time or another at the mere age of 6. Although the area is in ruins, she still cherishes it because of her past and her ancestors. When Zidane and company cross paths with Eiko, she shows them her supreme use of eidolons while in battle. She will join your party to help Garnet understand her summoning powers, and to hook up with Zidane, who she’s in love with! Not only is she a summoner, she is a user of White Magic, the opposite of Vivi’s Black Magic.

Character AIM name? MSN name? YIM? ICQ? email?: [aim] xxazurewinged, [yahoo] miyo_koji, [e-mail- sakai.omfg@gmail.com

I hope I did this right. ^^" and if ever I get accepted or something, let me know so that I can make my journal.. ^^ aaaaand~ Can someone fill me in with what's happening in the RP so far? ^^"
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Date:July 26th, 2005 02:48 am (UTC)
Hello. Nice to have you with us. Marianne, the mod, will accept you as soon as she can. I, Crystal, will fill you in on everything that I can that has happened in the RP. I will be online tomorrow night around 8 PM eastern time, so either you can contact me via my AIM SN: Crystal Wolfven, or I can contact you. Either one is fine.

We're glad you could join us ^^ I'm sure you'll enjoy being here. If you want, you can add my lj sn to your friend's list, since mine is Friends Only. Just leave a message in my journal and I'll add you.
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Date:July 26th, 2005 10:27 am (UTC)
Yay! Thank you for welcoming me. :D Uhm. I have AIM as I listed above, but I don't use AIM that much cause I only get to use my desktop whenever my mom's not working.. so it may take a few days for that. O_O We can e-mail each other if that's fine with you instead. :) My e-mail address is sakai.omfg@gmail.com.

I haven't been RP-ing much lately so I went RP searching the other day. I'm so happy to have found an active Final Fantasy RP cause I've been looking for one for ages! I'm sure I'll enjoy it here, yay. :D

Date:August 4th, 2005 08:58 pm (UTC)
I play Kuja, Amarant and Mikoto, from FF9, as well as Quistis from FF8. So, you'll pretty much always have someone to RP with. :)

Welcome to the game!
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Date:August 5th, 2005 12:16 pm (UTC)

Sign up an Eiko character journal to ff_cjournalsrp and you're all set. I'll accept you once I check for pending members or check the email I created for my character, Liz Hawkswell.

Overall, welcome. Shall be lookin' forward to Eiko joining in the interesting things goin' on


P.S. to all: I'll try to be more active... First things first, Squall must get out of pause button mode and reply to Rinoa. lol
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