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ff_cjournalsooc's Journal

Final Fantasy Character Journals OOC
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It's started a year and a half after the games' events. It's an AU Final Fantasy RPG, numbers 7-10-2. Another sorceress in the FF8 world, Gala, has been on the loose, tracking people down. Some she wants alive, and some she wants dead. Other worlders mysteriously end up in Gala and join the fight. What happened? What's the outcome going to be? Well, you haven't joined this community yet...

~*RPG Rules*~


1. TO ALL NON MEMBERS: This is a big, big no-no. Very important. DO NOT use the friends option like bookmarking a website, or to stalk the characters you like. It will only annoy the serious RPGers here and will not be good at all for a first impression upon joining, that is, if you wish to join. And those who aren't interested, Obey this rule as well. Thank you.

The reason why I put this rule first above all the others is because >.< I made that mistake once. It's careless, immature, and just plain dumb.

2. Ages 13 and up are only allowed to join. Like how the Final Fantasy games are rated (T for Teen), please treat this RPG the same way.

3. To settle confusion, if one of the Final Fantasy characters, non original, are not to be duplicated. No duplication of the original characters either. If the character is taken, he/she/it is taken.

4. Same rule as OOC, rule number 2. Act like a menace the first time? You'll be warned. Continue after two more, you'll be banned. No second chances either.

5. You MUST create a separate journal for your Role Play Character in order to Roleplay. Use it to express the character's thoughts and feelings. Talents as well! It is wise to stay in character when making entries into your character's journal. AIM name, MSN name, Yahoo Messenger name, or ICQ screen names for your character(s) are strongly permitted and suggested, but not required.

6. Be creative as all possible. Become the character, style it what you believe he/she/it would style it. All it takes is just a little dedication and time.

7. Please stay active as much as you can. I don't want to have to remind people and it wouldn't be any fun to fall behind on any important plot points that may be developed.

8. No Mary Sue OC's... There has to be at least a few major differences between your character and yourself or you will not be accepted into the RPG community.

9. Oh, and the FUN, FUN part of this role play is getting one or more of the FF characters. I strongly recommend you pick one or more that is not taken before you do an OC.

10. In and during role playing, please remain in character as much as possible. If you have to go OOC, please let your role playing partner know.

11. To join this RPG community, sign up to the OOC community and post your character profile, and/or start to create your role playing journal.

12. Please make all character journals FRIENDS ONLY. Only those you have on your roleplaying friends list can post comments in the entries you make. This closes off confusion and harrassment.

13. No Godmodding/Playing. Meaning... Do not control characters that are not yours, unless given permission from the original owner. And if you do, please post in the OOC to let us all know.

14. Proper Grammar and Spelling is a MUST.

15. The main RPG community is where you post the action of what your character(s) might be doing and interaction of the other characters if present. It could also be used as an IC message board.

16. Just to give a little head's up, If you want more than one character, please make it one journal per character.

17. Please, do not "disappear without a trace" from this community. Brief explanation: there was once a member... Was going to be Selphie, but didn't post on the OOC or update her LJ's much. No email to me or the other members. Nothing. It's like she's just disappeared. So, do not follow this person's example. Don't do it, because it hurts the community, and it's just not wise or cool. If you want to leave after a time in joining, just leave a post in the OOC, or email any of us. Otherwise, if you do intend to roleplay, please check the communities once a week. If there is something you need to let us in about (such as computer problems), then email any of us or post in the OOC.

18. Have fun! That's also very important. One of the main reasons for a role play.

~*Rules for OOC Community*~


1. The community is for OOC (Out Of Character) entries ONLY. No RPGing here. Instead, for example you may post information on your character, plot summary of your character, get attention to the other Role Play friends to not slack off or fall behind, post AIM/MSN/Yahoo Messenger logs of other Role Playing users, complaints, questions, character requests, announce abscences...

2. Be respectful and kind to one another. No flame wars, spamming, or anything that's considered not polite. You will be warned otherwise. Continue to act like a jerk, and you'll be kicked out.

3. At least check the OOC once a week. It doesn't have to be daily. Keep in touch with you Role Playing pals.

4. Character profiles must be posted in the OOC area. You WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED INTO THE RPG if I don't see the following:

For FF characters...

Full Name:


Originally From:

Brief Descripton or a Link to a Picture:

Character AIM name? MSN name? YIM? ICQ? email?:

For OC characters...

Full Name:


Originally From:

Brief Description or a Link to Picture:

Who exactly the OC character is (i.e. A normal citizen in the location of..., trainee for SeeD, Blitzball team member, soon to be fear villain...):

Character AIM name? MSN? YIM? ICQ? Email?:


5. Cutting some content into a link (livejournal cut) is required to prevent entries from stretching too long. For those unfamiliar with the code, go here.

FF7 characters most welcome, the main heroes, heroines, and possibly still villains or retired from being a threat to the ol' AVALANCHE team:

RedXIII AKA Nanaki
Tifa Lockheart
Vincent Valentine
Barret Wallace

Also available and can be allowed:


FF7: Advent Children characters can be allowed, since someone asked me about it



Yuffie - ninjagirlyuffie ~this member doesn't have a main LJ, but on fanfiction.net, she's known as Xifa~

Cloud Strife - makoxstrife ~member: obscurerquiem~

Sephiroth - sephiroth66 ~this member doesn't have a main LJ but he's known as XechsMarquise on AIM~

Cid Highwind - eyesforthesky ~member: phspopular2002~

Aeris Gainsborough - aflowergirl ~member: kitznegari~

FF8 characters most welcome:

Zell Dincht
Cid Kramer
Edea Kramer

Also available:

GeRoGeRo (monster who disguised himself as the fake president of Deling)


Squall Leonhart - antiherosquall ~member: phspopular2002~

Seifer Almasy - demon_slicer ~member: crystalwolfven~

Laguna Loire - maloire ~this member doesn't have a main LJ, but she's known as maloire on fanfiction.net~

Irvine Kinneas - gunslinger_irvy ~member: angelamongdemon~

Selphie Timlitt - xcrescentwishx ~member: selphiealmasy~

Ultimecia - thedevilwoman ~member: crystalwolfven Yeah, she's gonna be revived, but isn't YET...~

Quistis Trepe - iamquistis ~member: shattered_kitty~

Rinoa Heartilly - princessrinoa ~member: bluekagami~

FF9 characters most welcome:


Also available:

Regent Cid
Doctor Tot
Minister Artania
King of Burmecia
Sir Fratley
Garland (if you want to bring him back from the dead)


Zidane - zidanethemonkey ~member: angelamongdemon~

Kuja - terranprettyboy ~member: shattered_kitty~

Amarant - _elan_ ~member: shattered_kitty~

Mikoto Tribal - terras_girl ~member: shattered_kitty~

Eiko Carol - ribbonflutist ~member: nikkibyun~

FF10 and X-2 most welcome:

Kimahri Ronso


Paine - major_paine ~member: crystalwolfven~

Tidus - the_tidus ~member: obscurerequiem~

Gippal - machina_expert ~member: crystalwolfven~

Nooj - nooj_05 ~this member doesn't have a main LJ, but he's known as buronbennett on AIM~

Rikku - _thiefrikku ~member: selphiealmasy~

Yuna - _gunneryuna ~member: selphiealmasy~

Also available:

Grand Maester Mika
Maester Kelk Ronso
Maester Kinoc
Yu Yevon

Original Characters taken:

Elizabeth Hawkswell - rockergirlie84 ~member: phspopular2002~

Sophia Almasy - sophiaalmasy ~member: crystalwolfven

Validus - validusthegreat ~member: crystalwolfven

Annabel Morency - annabel_morency ~R.I.P. this character's now dead, the member was ciarda_rois who left this community.~

Herati Aldale - herati_aldale ~member doesn't have main LJ, but he's known as Rob and can be only reached by AIM, for all I know.~

Lucida Almasy - sudden_lucidity ~member: crystalwolfven~

Noko - brutalnoko ~member: phspopular2002~

Rayek - dangerousalbhed ~member: crystalwolfven~

Leroy Coombs - detectivecoombs ~member: phspopular2002~

Sabbrianith Lea VanderElst - devil_killer ~member: crystalwolfven~

Francesca - darkknightdemon ~member: crystalwolfven~

Micheal Griever - michealgriever ~member: XechsMarquise on AIM~

Anymore questions? contact me by AIM, MSN, or email. *whew* I think I got everything covered.

~*For Memory and Reference*~

Walker, he left without a trace and hurt the community, sure, but he was a good RPer... his Cloud LJ - inner_strife

Calleigh Roberts, who was the first Tifa and Zell. She unfortunately moved on with her life and lives with someone who doesn't have a computer. She'll be missed. Her Tifa LJ - _lockheart_ Her Zell LJ - _duelist

Sammy, also a good RPer. She was the first Rinoa and Yazuu, Also Vincent and an original character, but they've never became active. So I'll only put her Rinoa (_withoutgrace) and Yazuu (mutedmarionette) LJs.

Lance, he doesn't have time for RedXIII anymore. He was a great RPer... redthe13th

Nick, who was The Reaper (_thereaper_) IMed me on AIM one day and told me he wanted to quit. This character was promising... well, it was fun with him while it lasted, eh?